Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day Five: Aggravation sets in

Today my husband informed me that her wouldn't be returning with our children OR to our marital bed (dramatic pause) until Wednesday next week. Originally he had told me they would return on Tuesday. I'll show him! I'll go to ANOTHER movie. Take that! But then AMC laughed in my face and proceeded to offer not one movie that looked fancy enough for my tickle. Rude.

In addition, we're having a refreshing summer thunderstorm this evening. I just stepped out on the porch to admire the lightening and listen to the pitter patter of the falling raindrops punctuated by the hiss of the neighbors automatic sprinkler system. Irritating. I guess it could be worse. Tomorrow I'm going to do some covert surveillance and make sure they aren't running their A/C with the door open.

Ms. Kravitz in da house.


zellmer said...

Did you see that Helen Hunt movie yet?

God, I wish I could go see movies every day for a week. What a treat!

Are you getting pedis and massages, too? Have you read every magazine on the newsstand?

Denise said...

It always starts raining when my sprinklers are on. That's just rude.

Magpie said...

it's raining BECAUSE the sprinklers are on.

jen said...

We should have another Dallas get together then.

'That Girl' said...

How did you resist the urge to covert-ops-it through the yard and turn them off?

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