Thursday, May 15, 2008


Tomorrow is Field Day. It's an elementary school tradition where the different classes in each grade compete in good old fashion fun to win ribbons and bragging rights. Something tells me that it might be a regional thing, that children in the Northeast are not competing in sack races and dress up relays. But I could be wrong.

Last year, when Hazel was in Kindergarten, I was able to catch her in a few events and cheer wildly as she pulled on a rope with the whole lot of six year olds attempting to drag the rival class across the chalk line. After about an hour and dangerously close to being an unacceptable time to drag ones self into the office, I told Hazel I had to go to work. "No Mommy! No. Nooooooooooooooo! Stay at least for the bucket relay. Stay. Please stay."

It was heart wrenching. And it killed me to walk away. Okay, not killed, but hurt. And I made a vow. A vow that next year! Next year! I was going to attend field day in its entirety.

And now, 365 days later, I am in a more demanding work situation. In the midst of a HUGE project. And there is no chance I can attend field day. Well, maybe I could go for a little bit. But, I was just out of work last week when I went to SF. No, I should go in early like I always do. What if I went for an hour and then didn't take lunch?

Work. Children. Work. Children. It's such a struggle.