Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Show me the love

Yesterday, I received a rejection notice via email. And by what I assume is a technical glitch, the notice arrived in my inbox 4 times.

We're not interested.

We're not interested.

We're not interested.

We're not interested

Of course the actual email rambled on a bit more and of course, I opened each one. I have the uncanny ability to attract a kick in the teeth when I least expect it and/or need it least. Care to rub my tummy for good luck?

Once, I forwarded some writing samples to a publisher that contained an extremely harsh critique from the previous recipient. Didn't get that gig either.

Last week, I stopped at the 7-11 on my usual morning commute. The worker smiled boldly at me and proclaimed, "Not going to work today, I can see." Uh, my office is very casual. And if they made branded zip-up jerseys. I'd wear one every day. Harumph!

There was the annual exam at the OB/GYN with my toddler in tow, where the lady in the waiting room asked when my baby was due. I pointed to the kid next to me eating the magazine. "Uh, 'bout 16 months ago."

Last week at the dentist, they gave me my new bite guard. "You have a very strong bite," the dentist proclaimed. "What does that mean?" said I.

"You're a good eater?!?!" the assistant quipped with out being asked.

People, I'm putting you all on notice, if I want any more back-handed compliments any more insulting inquisitions, I'll ask for them.

On second thought, misery loves company, tell me about an incident like this that has happened to you.


mrs. blogoway said...

I thought this stuff only happened to me... Just grin and bare it. Oprah did a show recently about how people are so much ruder now. The explanation was that everyone is so busy and people aren't really being taught ettiquette anymore so anything goes.

TheMama said...

I had something similar happen to me not too long ago. I had applied to a graduate program and been rejected. The following year, about the time they would have been sending the letters again, I got a rejection email. I had not reapplied.

While I can appreciate the idea behind reviewing past applicants, it was the ultimate slap in the face.

You suck so bad, we're saying no even before you ask. Ha! Take that!

Hang in there. Love your blog's title, by the way. And yes, you're doing just fine.

~ Denise said...

You are sooo funny! I love reading your blog. And even though these are not "fun" things to experience, it is fun to read and humorous for your readers ! :o))