Sunday, May 25, 2008


Really? Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong?! Ewwwwwww.

Lance Armstrong's personal life made front page news when the recently divorced father decided all he wanted to do was have some fun with singer Sheryl Crow way back in 2003. At the time, I was a new mom with two toddlers and a lot of opinions. I remember flipping through the pages of People magazine to see the singer with a toddler on her hip. Blame it on the hormones but I knew I didn't like what what a saw. Easily I compared my reality of a SAHM to that of the Grammy award winning singer/songwriter and multiple Tour de France winner, cancer survivor and fashion icon. "I wouldn't want some other woman holding myyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaaaaby!"

I've softened on my strong standing. I admire the divorced parents I know who amicably co-parent. But, Lance? He's getting a little bit of a reputation. He's like a man slut. Like McSteamy. And just when I start thinking he's single, he's hot! That little voice in my head blurts out - but he's a daaaaaaadddddd!

And Kate...I really like her. I just don't see her as being another notch on anyone's bedpost 10-Speed.


Denise said...

OMGoodness, didn't know this.

McSteamy is wayyyy hotter! :o)

Swistle said...

I think what bugs me is he didn't leave his "civilian" wife for another "civilian"---he left her and started dating celebrities. So it's like he was saying she wasn't good enough for him now that he was FAMOUS and had OPTIONS. He might not be thinking that way AT ALL, but it just SEEMS like that.

Miss Grace said...

I haven't really been able to deal with Lance Armstrong since he turned into a playboy. I mean, sure, he's a cancer survivor and hero and all. But isn't he also a druggie and a womanizer?

mrs. blogoway said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this... I saw this yesterday and forgot to write about it. I have to say that they just don't go together to me. I thought she liked really layed back, pot-head type of guys. Lance seems so tense. I read his book years ago and it was great (I was so impressed by his triumph over cancer and how he and his wife made it through all that stress, together). Then, he dumps her and I was so upset. She even admitted on Oprah that when you're with Lance, it's ALL about Lance.

BOSSY said...

Way back in the cobwebs of Bossy's memory she thinks she remembers Lance's wife on Oprah and, yeah, the details weren't that sweet.

And his intentions don't seem the best according to Sheryl Crow lyrics.

This message brought to you by None-Of-Bossy's-Business.

jen said...

I know right? I just saw this on the yahoo page, and my husband was all "manwhore in 'da house."

that girl said...

There's something disconcerting about a man surving cancer and then high-tailing it to a divorce lawyer..

Anonymous said...

Where did you nab the pic?
-B Brooker

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