Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm it

Marathon Mom tagged me for the Guilty Pleasures meme

Mine include:

Dlisted - I get the dish daily.

Sneaking into bed with one of my children in the middle of the night. This happens about twice a week.

Those few fleeting moments when I don't worry about money or anything else for that matter. Occasionally.

Attending a 2+ hour new release service at the Church of the Most Holy AMC Theatre. I used to attend religiously. For four years In NYC we lived across the street from the busiest Lowe's 25 screen multi-plex in the North America. I went 3x a week. Sometimes the marque would pan and I would have seen every single movie. Oh how I looked forward to Fridays. Guess who chose the afternoon pre-school? Now *sigh* I only attend a few times a year, mostly on high holidays. Thanksgiving and Summer Blockbuster season.

Playing Fantasy Vacation - where I research fabulous places to get my passporty stamped. This is fun at dinner parties.

Walking aimlessly around a great farmers market - Santa Monica, San Francisco, Union Square. Maybe soon. Very soon.

Car dancing to my favorite songs from High School, Pour Some Sugar On Me. Instantly I feel 17. This is an always fun surprise.

Watching my kids from a safe distance while reading a trashy magazine novel and remembering those days when I used to have to keep them in arms reach lest they get hurt.

I tag Stef and Kelley and Amy who should start their own blogs, asap.


BOSSY said...

'Guilty' and 'pleasures' are two words Bossy doesn't enjoy in the same sentence.

That said, Bossy points to the Bravo network. Total guilty pleasure.

Denise said...

I have that Def Leppard song on my iPod and we enjoy listening to it very loudly on girl weekends. :o)

Manager Mom said...

Like Bossy, I LOVE anything Bravo.

And I will never turn down a Keanu Reeves movie.

marathon mom said...

Who is anyone to judge our literature choices? Ha! I have been looking for you down at the lake but don't see you. Hope WW is going well. Stay cool!

mrs. blogoway said...

Sorry I'm late to this post but I have to say that I LOVE the movie theater. I try to see all oscar nominated movies and usually all the other ones that appeal to me, too. We're coming up to Dallas for my 11 years olds birthday and I want to take her to a really great, big theater for a movie. Do you have any suggestions?

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