Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am a WINNER!

It is my lucky day.

And while I am waiting on two important and life changing pieces of news, I have been given two unexpected shout-outs I feel compelled to share.

Today I am Bossy's readers reader! An award I have long coveted. So if you are here via Bossy. Helllloooooo! Kick off your shoes shoe and stay awhile.

And secondly, I entered a Win A Free Trip to BlogHer '08 and I won! There were 3 prize categories:

"Full Boat" Prize
3 winners: Full Conference Pass (Value=$348) and 4-Night Accommodation at the Westin St. Francis Hotel* (Value=$1,500)
*Does not include room charges.

"Soak It In" Prize
5 winners: Full Conference Pass (Value=$348)

"Cheers to More Winners" Prize
20 winners: hakia T-shirts

Guess which winner I am? Of course, I am a "Cheers to More Winners" winner.

I am frantically entering more of these contests. And I am accepting nominations for this. Please, it is NOT the time to be shy. I think the deadline is Saturday. So get on the stick and nominate me.

(I tried to get my friend Stef to do a back scratching you-nominate-me, I'll-nominate-you. But she just laughed it off. Thinking that it was a contest custom made for the Dooce's of the blog world. And speaking of Stef, she referred to me in her most recent post as her dear OLD friend Vanessa. Er, thanks.)

While we're on the subject of age, a few nights ago I paused on a TBS replay of When Harry Met Sally. It was the scene when Meg was uncontrolably crying to Billy Crystal because her ex-boyfriend was engaged.

"Does she say she's crying because she is going to be thirty someday or because she is going to be forty someday?" I asked my husband.

"Thirty," Erik quickly quipped back.

Of course, it was forty.

Which reminds me that both of my parents literally add years to my life. They've been saying I'm almost 40 for the past 10 years, I swear. Recently my mother uttered these exact words: Now that you are my age. Huh? How is that possible?

All I know, is that in Hazel's school journal it says right there in the December section, scrawled in first grade penmanship, my mommy is thirty sex.