Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Forgive Me Blog-o-sphere.

I've been keeping secrets.

Depressing secrets.

Exciting secrets.

A secret so big that I nervously chewed my fingernails and waited for the phone to ring and my mother to scream through the telephone wire, "WHAT!" But apparently I'm raising two daughters who can also keep secrets.

Before I get to THAT secret. I've been meaning to tell you about the now not-so-secret, potentially family destroying scandal currently going on with my mother's farming side of the family in Kansas.

Remember, Lonah is a midwest farmer's daughter. And my uncle Rick now runs the ranch. Raising livestock and crops on land that my great-great-grandparents worked close to a hundred years ago.

Cut to just before Christmas, when my aunt Jenny ran off with the hired man also affectionately known as the town Mexican. (I hope no one takes offense to me calling him the town Mexican, because he is indeed originally from Mexico and the town is so small that he is also indeed the only person hailing from south of the boarder.)

When the saga was originally unfolding, I contemplated writing an installment series simular to Pioneer Woman's except mine was going to be called: Overdue Bills and Prescription Pills.

My uncle's life as of hog farmer is a far cry from the picture painted by P-Dub. They do have the four kids and the calf nuts in common though. But the saga turned into a scandal and with each sordid detail that surfaced, it got to be too much to hear much less poke fun of on this blog.

So that's half of what I've been keeping to myself.


mrs. blogoway said...

What a teaser! I've GOT to know your other secret. It's going to kill me all day...

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