Monday, May 19, 2008

Flakin on Flickr

I'm down on Flickr. I probably haven't given it enough of a fair shake. But when they slapped me with several pre-generated warning emails I felt obliged to shoot back some snark. And because y'all seem to enjoy your posts with a side of bitter and bitchy, I'll copy it for you. (Notice how I slip in a nod to a whimsical children's book.)

Hi Terrence

Thanks for another email. I took down the videos in
question last week. If you could be less formulaic and
more specific in your correspondence then perhaps we
could clear up this matter.

I'm a slightly miffed that I sought help for something
that is obviously an error or glitch only to be
reprimanded now three times via email. As I originally
stated, I was alerted to Flickr as a portfolio
showcase because my friends use it. I've taken down
the videos I asked for help on and never once have you
acknowledged my original question. (Look into the cute
children's book The Elephant and the Bad Baby. You're
being a little bit like the bad baby, Terrence.)

In addition, in our first email I asked to be refunded
for the fee to upgrade to pro. This refund would
rectify the whole video issue all together.

How is that coming? Let me know.



I love how I use the tried and true "everyone else is doing it" as my main argument. Man, am I ready to be a mother of teenagers or what?