Saturday, May 24, 2008

And action!

Remember yesterday, when I didn't post? When I moped around all fussy and blue because our video camera had come up missing.It was last seen in Erik's truck and more often than not, the truck doors are not locked. The stero was stolen last year, so we are used to thieves helping themselves to the interior.

I was in funk all day. It wasn't just losing our camera, it was so much more depressing to think of all the film footage we had not backed up. Memories gone in an instant. Christmas, Birthdays, Swim meet, etc.. Poof. Lost

Then today when I was cleaning the kitchen, I opened a drawer and there was the video camera. Right there. I that drawer. The drawer where I recently decided to keep all A/V electronics. Poof.found.


mrs. blogoway said...

Last summer, we were at my sister in laws house and I had my digital camera, showing everyone pics from a Ranger Game. We all went to eat in the dining room and next thing I know, my camera is missing (I had left it in the kitchen and while we were eating their new son-in-law had stopped in the kitchen to get something to drink. He was slurring his words and obviously drunk). So, after he's gone, I realize my camera is missing. No one wanted to accuse him, but it was pretty obvious what happened. My brother-in-law said he would check the pawn shop that the kid uses?!!!! Long story short, I never saw my camera again.

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