Sunday, May 11, 2008

AIDO's Excellent Roadtrip - Like Bossy's Only Bigger , Better , er Shorter

On Thursday, AIDO left on her excellent road trip. Only she wasn't sponsored by Saturn nor was she driving. But she did wake up at 4:30 in the morning and her wonderful family called her a cab took her to the airport.

AIDO's destination was to head west and north to beautiful San Francisco. So she immediately boarded a plane and flew south, because that's what you do when you fly this airlines.

And just two short stops, two time zones and six hours later AIDO arrived in Las Vegas.

And because the flight attendant suggested everyone had 20 minutes and were free to walk around, grab something to eat and play the slots - AIDO lectured the other passengers on the inherent evils of gambling pushed an old lady down and ran up the tarmac to stuff her hard earned money into the first machine she saw. And when those cherries lined up and the lights began to flash, AIDO tried to figure out just how many dollars equalled that many nickels and she cashed out because AIDO is no fool - she took that three dollars and twenty cents and ran!

To be continued...