Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weight a minute

Ugh here we are AGAIN, on a Thursday. This week found me holding steady. Even steven. Stuck/still at 9.6 lbs. And damn - cause I was really itchin' for that star sticker they give you at WW when you cross the 10 pound mark. I did manage to go to the gym and walk/jog a few times. Yay! But the quickie meeting Monday to announce that my boss' boss was "no longer with the company" sent me straight to the chocolate jar. Boo!

One day last week I overheard the girls talking and Lula said, "Hazel, remember when we used to go to McDonalds?"

We've all but eliminated the evil clown from our casual dining experiences. Just as I was about to stick a feather in my parenting cap, Lula confided in me that one of her little Kindergarten friends asked her if I was pregnant.


Let's totally blame trendy shirts like these:

Get more of Maddox's fashion advice here. And then bookmark his site, because I have yet to find anything funnier in well the whole universe.

In other news,yesterday I opened a letter attached to a multi-page form from my insurance company disputing the diagnostic mammogram I received last month. They're trying to determine if I had/have a pre-existing condition. Yes, Aetna. I DO have a pre-existing condition. I have tits.

And here's your picture. (Notice the art behind my head. Hazel drew it and I love it because it looks like a The Incredibles inspired dominatrix)


mrs. blogoway said...

I'm sure you stayed the same because you gained a pound of muscle and lost one of fat! You look great, once again.

Did you see Martha on Mrs. G's site? I'm dying to know.

zellmer said...

Is that a drawing of Erik?

I have to weigh in tomorrow morning.

So dreading it.

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~ Denise said...

That does look like The Incredibles!

What's up with Aetna? Insurance companies are starting to cover well visits for adults (i.e. yearly physicals and mamograms) less and less. Which is ironic, cuz I guess they want you to become ill before the benefits kick in. CRAZY!

Mrs. G. said...

Good luck getting that star. I'm doing WW too.

jen said...

Hastling insurance companies to pay what is fair is a personal hobby of mine.

I don't know about you, but I am a massive weight fluctuator. I seriously gain a whole 5lbs right before my period.