Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's talk about the weather

You might say I am funny. I have been known to crack up a room. To turn a phrase, make a connection with the obvious in a humorous and dare I say, lighthearted way. However, one of the greatest compliments I have ever been given, is that I am fun.

Fun! Funny vs. Fun. There is a subtle difference. Once my mother-in-law bestowed the compliment out of the blue.

"You sound like a fun person to live with." she stated.

I was retelling about the successful cleaning routine I established when we lived on Coronado Street. We were in a small 1940's 2 bedroom - 1 bath with a detached garage and a full yard. It was huge when we first moved in, stretching our cramped one bedroom NYC apartment into a quaint one thousand square feet. Each family member was assigned a room and they were responsible for cleaning and keeping their room tidy throughout the week. A contest was established and rewards were doled.

Tonight, we started a fire in our fire pit to roast marshmallows. Because when it is suddenly in danger of freezing (when normally we'd be swimming), you cut dead limbs off your tree, set them on fire and make s'mores. Duh.

And that, my friends, it was got me yet another "You Are Fun" compliment. Now excuse me, I'm off to cover the plants.


Miss Grace said...

Well, you DO sound fun.

mrs. blogoway said...

I always thought you were fun. LOL. Now, I'm more sure of it.

P.S. It is getting cold! I camped Sat. night and froze my ass off!

marathon mom said...

No kidding. Keep your trampolines to yourselves people !!!!