Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's hear it for the Beau

You likey my new 3 month old masthead? Yep, that's an original from my Beaufriend.

When Beau and I worked together, the "door" to his cube was covered with Post-It® Notes and scraps of paper with different phrases utilizing the sounds of the of the name Beau, pronounced Bo, sometimes spelled Beaux. Beau-legged. Dumbeau. Beau & arrow. The funniest, most creative musings - those were mine. This apparently is a recurring sport in Beau's life. Right now, I'm imagining his locker at Broken Arrow High covered with neatly organized notes.

Once he mentioned that the as a group the people in our company had missed the most obvious play-on-words using his name. So I thought and I thought, because I love a challenge. Guesses where flying. And I finally guessed it: Elbeau. Get it? Like Elbow, but El-beau.

Well exciting thing are happening for the young Jedi. Today he was told, and I quote:

You're young and you're on FIRE!

Has a nicer compliment ever been bestowed?


THURSDAY UPDATE: I meant to say, has a nicer compliment ever been BEAU-stowed?


Beau said...

Of course you forgot to mention I was standing on a blazing campfire at the time... thanks for the shout-out!

- quid pro beau

mrs. blogoway said...

I have to go work out on my beauflex.

Am I doing okay? said...

hahahahaha! Good one, mrs!

marathon mom said...

He sounds like a beaunifide magnificent friend!

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