Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He is always on my mind

Please pause for a moment and respect the man, the legend, my future husband - The GREAT Willie Nelson on his 75th birthday. I have a big plans to post about all of our special moments together, me and Willie, but somebody has to work.

I will tell you that in 1995 I scalped two tickets to see him play a small club in lower Manhattan - Tramps. Anybody been there? It has long since closed, but the peculiar thing about Tramps was that it didn't have a back door and the performers had to enter through the front. Knowing this, I camped with my 35mm camera (before digital, people) and got a quick pic of myself and the red headed stranger cheek to cheek! It is an amazing picture, absolutely priceless. I proudly displayed the framed photograph at both my office and my New York City apartment. When co-workers and friends would look at the picture, they would more often than not, honestly say:

"Is that your Dad?"

Silly Yankees.


Biddy said...

i friggin love me some willie nelson. and yeah, i think he's hot in a rode hard and put up wet kind of way


mrs. blogoway said...

So where's the photo? You better post it tomorrow or I'll be so upset. I saw Willie at Rose Ampitheater in Henderson, TX (it was so cool. The venue is built in the middle of a giant meteor crater in the earth).

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