Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A contest!

Oh boy! Oh boy! It's the FIRST AIDO contest!

Guess why I am NOT doing okay today and win a prize. Leave your answer in the comments and the person who comes the closest to the answer wins!

Because some of you may be familiar with:

I'll give you A CLUE! A CLUE!

The reason I am NOT doing okay has nothing to do with the girls, the weather or sex.

And in honor of my awesome night with Bossy,

the winner will receive and awesome prize from my basement. Except AIDO doesn't really have a basement so it will come from my garage.

What fun!


~ Denise said...

OK, I'll take a guess. I'll just put it out there. But first let me say that your comment on my Bossy post was quite possible THE sweetest thing ANYONE has ever posted. Really. I will keep it and read it again and again.

So, my guess is that you are going to WW tomorrow and you were horrified of the group picture (why, I do NOT know) but you want to lose weight. DON'T WE ALL!! LOL Honey, I'll be right there with you!

xoxo, Denise

Biddy said...

ummm you're sad that bossy is gone?

or you're hungover?

or you're going to ww like denise said and totally regretting the fajitas, guac, and margaritas...

zellmer said...

Mom in town?

Had to work late last night?

Husband at the bar again?

Miss your good friend Steffy?


mrs. blogoway said...

I think you got food poisoning/flu

OMG, I sound totally negative. But that's still my guess.

Queen of My Domain said...

Or maybe your unwanted Aunt Flo is visiting and cramping your style. Regardless, I hope your back to your normal feeling self soon.

marathon mom said...

Basement? Do you have stripper poles down there too?

ya ya's mom said...

you drank too much

Which Box said...

So wait, what was the answer? I couldn't think of anything to guess, but curious to know.

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