Monday, April 21, 2008

'Cause I got a golden ticket

Yep. Opened up my Wonka™ bar and behold, I got a golden ticket. Now I only need a few things:

1 roundtrip airline ticket to the City by the Bay.
1 fabulous outfit.
1 set of natural yet sassy looking highlights.
10+ more pounds lost.
2 amazing to-die-for, danceable and deceivingly comfortable shoes.
10 darkly painted, perfectly filed nails.
32 bleached and polished teeth.
1 winning lottery ticket.

Either Willie or my fairy godmother needs to appear right about NOW!


mrs. blogoway said...

What are you talkin' about? Are you going to BlogHer?

another good thing said...

Or a wig, dark glasses and an alias.

How about Cherry Divine?

good to meet you in the internet world- gonna add your blog and check in on the WW progress-- remember: BAN SODIUM. aw, f#%$ me, I used to be a personal trainer...but really, it works.