Sunday, March 9, 2008

South By South Dooce

So, yeah, I skipped the girls soccer game to make a bee line up I-35 to meet Dooce. She posted that she'd be at a local Austin coffee shop from 11-1pm. When I arrived, she was right by the door but the line of her entourage snaked through the store. One by one, tons of people waited in line to have an opportunity to meet her and John. Some even came baring gifts.

Whilst standing in line, I met Erica and Conner. And I saw two people I knew (but couldn't remember where from). Anton - Erik 2 jobs ago and Erika - me one job ago.

Erik (husband) asked if I told Heather about my blog? "Um," I responded, "that would be like telling Jimmy Page I play guitar."

But no, I didn't tell Dooce about my blog. Or my mad snowboarding skills. She did ask about the girls. And I told her they get louder has they get older. Specifically remembering Hazel's need to blast Kids Bop nightly and proclaim, "I love this song. I know ALL the words."

Dooce's receiving line moved at a snail's pace and I had no idea what I'd actually say to her once it was finally my turn. She broke the ice by sticking out her hand and warmly exclaiming, "Hi. I'm Heather." I babbled my name, that I'd traveled from Dallas for spring break with the girls. I went on to retell the tale of how once in the early '90s, I'd waited in a equally long line to meet Willie Nelson at a Kinky Freeman book signing. After I had had my book and poster signed, and posed for a picture cheek to cheek with Mr. Nelson, I had floated right past Kinky out the door and two blocks down 5th Avenue before I realized not only had I snubbed the author but I had also left my camera. That kids, was BEFORE digital.