Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second squeeze is the charm

Sorry for the slim posting as of late. Our spring break was going along swimmingly when I received a call from my gynecologists office that my baseline mammogram had come back inconclusive and I needed to return for more imaging. This was my first mammogram and I was originally instructed to get it for comparison purposes many, many years from now. As my doctor's assistant patiently explained the results and next steps the only words I heard her say were: YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

Today I went for a diagnostic mammogram and a sonogram. The radiologist is NOT concerned. And says I shouldn't be either. And says, I am to come back in 6 months.

In a random twist of fate guess who has a son in the same Kindergarten class as Lula? That's right, my gynecologist. On the first day of school we eyed each other suspiciously. One of those I know you, but from where moments. "You look so familiar," she exclaimed. So to make easier on her, I got down on the circle-time rug and stuck my feet up in the air.


I've debated finding a new doctor, but had decided to just go with it. More than likely the kids won't be in the same class next year and we're both professionals, right? What would you do:?