Tuesday, March 25, 2008

California Dreamin'

Last night, I dreamed about Dooce.

Dooce and I were at a little tappas type bar gabbing away in a corner when we were interrupted by a group of Hari Krishnas.

Allow me to bore you to tears with my navel gazing dream interpretation skills:

1) I am very much looking forward to finally going to Kalachandiji's. The vegetarian restaurant adjacent to the Krishna Temple in town. I've always wanted to go and the more I read about it the more I can't wait.( zzzzzzz - posting about what your are someday going to eat for lunch.) The real appeal is that I fancy the Hari Krishna. By just the thought of them I am instantly transported back to the '70's a wide eyed child gazing at the beautiful people dancing and chanting. Why, yes! I do want a flower!

2) Now that I have verbally committed to attending the BlogHer conference with Stef, my subconscious has started creating a to-do list. Number one: Eat tappas with Dooce in SF.

I told you I have mad interpretation skills.


Shari said...

Weird - I dreamt about Dooce last night, too. Should we suspect that Jon has started positioning the mind-ray satellites?

I found your site because of your comment on BOSSY's page about Dooce morphing into BOSSY. Good observation... HMMmmm!

(Of course, if I could grow five inches and develop a neck for scarves, I'd be right there in the BOSSY makeover queue, too.)

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