Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tonight's Bedtime Story

So after The Giving Tree and How Much Do I Love You , three tuck-ins and a bazillion kisses, Lula posed the question:

"You know the boy parts? What do they do to make a baby?"

I babbled the facts as a matter-of-factly as I could. Tomorrow she's ready to hit Kindergarten with her new vocabulary words testicles and sperm.

I've always tried to approach the teaching my girls the facts of life, with well, facts. When Hazel was a toddler she had an affinity for butter. If I didn't watch out, I could find her in the kitchen with a stick in her hand. My standard response was, that butter was a condiment. Something that you used to put on other foods.

One day, she toddled over to me with a square wrapper thrust in her chubby fist.

"Wat dis?" she asked.

I looked at the light blue foiled cover and said, "It's a condom."

To which my three year old replied, "Ah, ya spread it on da breads."

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