Friday, February 15, 2008

I'll be here all week

Yesterday at the office, I was seeking out a quiet corner from which to make a quick personal call from a land line.

(Happy Valentines Day, honey! I got you a renewal on our Home Owners Warranty.)

There isn't a traditional phone in our conference room, so I scanned the desks and noticed that one was empty, let's say that it was Bob's desk. So I asked the guy that sits next to Bob, "Is Bob gone?" And the guy next to Bob said, "Yes, he went home to get everything ready for his fiancé for Valentines Day." To which I quickly quipped, "It takes a long time to get NAKED!"



Beau said...

Oh Vanesser, you are TOO much. And this new layout is just plain gorgeous, especially that header, who did that for you?...Warhol?

zellmer said...

Now I don't have to ask who designed your header. Nice work Beau.

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