Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A meme that I was tagged from by Niobe.

Things I do not get:

1) enough personal emails/letters/phone calls.

2) How I had such a promising career and now it seems be living in a porcelain bowl, surrounded by water near a strong sucking mechanism.

3) The Doodle Bops.

4) When people get a divorce because it is better for the children, but then their priority becomes getting lots of "action". How does this help the children?

5) How in the work place men are rewarded for meeting their parental responsibilities and women must apologize.

6) LOST. The TV show.

7) How I can write lame blog posts when other people write things that are filled with such heart or hilarity.

8) Buffalo styled chicken wings.

9) enough exercise.

10) How people balance work/family successfully.


Biddy said...

umm, could you please stop reading my thoughts?? aside from #2 (because lets face it, i'm never going to have a promising career) you just described me to a T.

doodlebops? seriously!? it's scary what they consider "entertainment"

zellmer said...

I don't get...

to spend enough time with one of my bestest friends. I miss you!

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