Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ohhhhh. I'm tellin'!

Erik's father is in town. And of course I come down with cold, flu, virus. That's what happens when you work around sick people who refuse to stay home. Or when you compromise your immune system because you're stressed about work, money and impending parental visit.

Anywho - I caught a glimpse of Erik walking through the house with the plunger. With the addition of another male in our home, I assumed it was for the toilet. You know what happens when you assume, right?

While I was wondering what he was doing with the plunger, I found Erik outside attempting to plunge the dent out of the side of his truck. A dent he came home with after attempting to park in compact spot in an underground garage.

"My dad suggested I try to pop it out." Erik stated. And then he added, "I told him you did it. AND that it was a sore subject and he shouldn't bring it up again."

"I am so blogging about this," I announced

He tells his father, I tell the internet.


zellmer said...

I wish I could see video of Erik plunging that dent. Hilarious. Why is father-in-law in town anyway?

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