Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet the family: Miss Universe

This is our cat. Lula told anyone who would listen that she wanted a REAL, LIVE kitten for her birthday last year. Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe that people should make lifetime commitments to people and with animals you should be able to date. I'm not saying I didn't want a cat, I just didn't know if I wanted one for the the next twenty years. So Erik went on the search for a mature feline. And last spring we became the happy rehome of the feline formerly known as Bunny.

We had a few family meetings trying to decide her new name. One in which Erik devised an intricate bracket system of all the potential names. It was March Madness after all. We had some doozies devised for potential names, but the girls were steadfast in the white department: Snowball, Snowflake, Snowy.

The kitty really is a good addition to our family. She lets Lula carry her around in everything: wagon, laundry basket, pillowcase. I guess this is what happens when you get old, you lose your fight. Although on occasion, I catch her reaching out her little paw to give Cha Cha a well deserved bip, bip, bip on top of his head. And she has a heavy metal hair band zest for life: up all night, sleep all day. The Johnson's appreciate that.