Thursday, January 3, 2008

If I lived in LA I'd blame Lindsay

I always peruse the NEW shelf at our local library. And I usually grab three or four books that I would never give my attention to if I was in a book store and they cost actual money. But since it is the library and I can justify late fees as a donation towards a very good cause, then why not walk out with an armload of the written word.

Today I had scooped up a few things that looked interesting when I spied an author's name I actually recognized. Sliding the spine from the shelf it was none other than Ms. Rosie O'Donnell's Celebrity Detox. I had read of the ruckus caused by Rosie's book when it was released and thought it would be worth a flip through. So I cracked the cover and then I laughed out loud.

"What?", said Erik.

"Here." I said. Handing the book over to him.

He flipped through a few pages and then exclaimed EXACTLY what I was thinking.

"This book smells like it was dipped in cocaine."

I wonder if this is from the previous reader or part of some marketing execs attempt at thinking outside of the box. It is called Celebrity Detox, after all.