Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He starts his new job tomorrow

To do:

"Remodel" the bathroom
Get a Passport. x4.
Swing / Tree house / trapeze / zip line for backyard
Work clothes
Hair do (today Erik said he couldn't WAIT to get me some hairapy)
Makeup, products
Bras - I currently have one in rotation. ONE! That's sad and gross.
Swiss Mountain dog
Detail the car.
Better lightbulbs & rightbulbs - meaning the right watts and all working
Paint for the front door.


Which Box said...

Fun list!

Congrats on his new job!

clickmom said...

I hear you on the bras, I'm down to two that actually fit and about two more that I have to remove imediately upon entering my house. Mine are rapidly self destructing. These days I never know if they are going to come out of the dryer in one piece or if they will emerge looking like they have been ravaged by a tiger. And I just hate bra shopping.

Which Box said...

So? How's it going? Now I'm pestering you for posting!

Thanks for saying you get a lot of hits from me. It might just be me checking in on you. :)

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