Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Question

What am I doing wrong? Is it too much drug talk? Not enough truth? My kids are cuter than yours? It's because we are temporarily low in the checking account? It's because we live in Texas? Whatever it is I KNOW it is all my fault. But if you'd be so inclined as to give me some pointers and let me know what you need from me I'd be happy to oblige. For the love of fortune cookies, why the HELL don't I get any comments?


jennster said...

but is your mom moving TOMORROW?? LOL.. this fucker buried that dog knowing he was leaving THE NEXT DAY! LOL...


jennster said...

and um... about comments.. it's hard- it seems like you have to comment on a million blogs to get them to comment back- and sometimes it feels like too much work. i used to have LOTS of comments, and now i only get a few- but i still have the same amount of readers... i guess i don't post comment worthy shit anymore?! i truly don't know. lol

Which Box said...

I don't know. The best sites for comments seem to be the ones that are insanely popular, or the ones that ask questions. If in every post you ask your readers to comment, and you work hard to comment on other blogs and draw in more readers, the comments seem to come. Seems like a lot of work.

In some ways commenting is like blogging. you don't want to just type, haha funny, then same way you don't want to blog today I had cereal for breakfast, then worked for 8 hours and had chicken for dinner.

clickmom said...

If you figure out how to inspire folks please share. I got the readers w/o the comments too.
-signed, meatloaf for dinner

zellmer said...

I think it's probably the checking account.

Silly goose.

Janette105 said...

Ok, here I am coming out of my lurker status. I read about 15 blogs a day and I enjoy every one of them for different reasons, but I almost NEVER comment. Sometimes I don't feel like it's my place. Other times I am COMPELLED to let someone know they're doing the right thing. But mostly I read about people's lives and it makes me feel less alone in the world. I think happy thoughts for the people I read about but I don't necessarily want to be known as a cheerleader.

Anyway, here's my comment. I really appreciate your sense of humor and I do enjoy your blog. You're doing much better than just "okay"! Thank you for the fun read.

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