Friday, January 11, 2008

Airing My Dirty

I have a laundry closet. And while I appreciate, that I don't have to go outside to to reach the laundry room or that the washing machine doesn't live in the kitchen, I think a closet is better suited for a couple vs. a family. Or we could just be honest - I've let the laundry get away from me. And there seem to be piles everywhere. Piles of kids clothes, school uniforms, towels - you get the picture.

I also have a black cloud of doom that seems to be following my around lately. Depression hurts. Yeah. Hurts your chances of getting a clean washcloth when you need one.

So this morning, after stepping over what I think was once two separate piles of laundry -whites and dark.I tell Erik that the laundry is really bummin' me out. Yep. Bummin' is part of my vocabulary.

You hear that Universe? I already talk like I live in California. BTW,Universe, how's that job offer in Malibu coming? Don't forget, we like Venice too.

So. Lamenting to the husband about the laundry, I add quickly and quietly that I keep finding white towels with little yellow stains. Thus the bummin'.

I always think the lil feller is house broken and then the second I get all confident. Leg up.

Erik heard me and quickly responded. That yeah there were yellow spots on the white towels. But the one right next to my leg, that yellow spot - that spot was orange juice.

And then the clouds lifted. And there was a spring in my step. A smile on my face. Who-hoo that isn't dog pee it's just a breakfast spill.

Happy Friday!


ShortyMom said...

It's reassuring to find that your yellow spots were actually orange juice. I will not pick up a plastic bag (wal-mart or the like) without studying it first because Hubby's dog will mark it when he finds it. Unless I know the dog has not come in, I don't pick it up unless I know it's clean.

ShortyMom said...

He marks because my dog is female..oops! I had a lot of traffic from joy but no comments other than yours so THANK YOU! I've only been on a public blog for like a couple of months. Never expected for one reply to have the effect that it did. I was just glad that it helped.

Your dog a chi? He's got beautiful coloring!

clickmom said...

Every once in a while when I feel like I will never get out from under the mountains of laundry I shove it all into trash bags and take them to the laundromat, drop them off and get to pick up 50 or 80 pounds of clean folded laundry the next day. Then ofcourse everyone gets undressed and it all starts again, but for a few hours there is no dirty laundry in the house. It's exhilarating.

zellmer said...

Uh, Erik should be doing the laundry! Helllllooo. (You can tell him I said so if it helps you gang up on him.)

pootandcubby said...

Glad you found a small silver lining during what seemed like a bummer of a day.

Thanks for popping by my place last week. :)