Monday, December 10, 2007

Name game

It's usually little things that really piss me off. I've always been irritated by people changing their names. And being such a name snob myself, you would think I would not care. Especially if it were an improvement. I would probably applaud a radical, left field moniker. But changing your name from Dave to David to accompany a bump in title/salary and cross country relocation, smacks of pompousness to me.  Maybe I am just jealous. 

My own father went with a late-in-life Bob to Robert transform. I still can't get used to it. 

So if you want to rub me the wrong way, ask that I start calling you some variation of name by which I have always known you to something completely different. For a reason clearly undefined. 

Today I received an email from my aunt Chris. It was signed: 

I cropped the screen grab to provider her some anonymity. Lea? She's signing mass correspondence with her middle name? I did not get the memo. Perhaps the (Mum) in parenthesis iced my irritated cake? But the cherry was this:

Aunt Chris, if your committing to this Lea business, at least change your email preferences. Thank you.  That's all.


Beau said...

Okay, all of a sudden going by your middle name is a little Celebrity-ish. But Bob to Robert? Come on! They're the same name. My friend, Rick, was "Ricky" growing up b/c that's what his parents insisted on calling him, once he grew up and realized how ridiculous it was, he changed it to "Rick" -- got a problem with THAT?!

zellmer said...

I just reconnected with a friend from my college years who always went by Patsy. Only now she goes by Trish. There's no way I can call her Trish. She's so not a Trish. She's a Patsy!
It's too much for my little brain to handle.

I want to know what Beau is changing his name to when he wants to be taken more seriously?

Beau said...

I was thinking "Zellmer" because it's oh so pretty.