Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Name Game Addendum

I am planning a long post on my name snobbiness. But before we get any further, you should know, I have very STRONG opinions about baby names.

So yesterday when Beau shared the news that an old co-worker had named his baby — Graham Hudson, I was full of opinions. 

I like the name Graham. Spelled that way, I think you're setting your kid up for a lifetime of cracker jokes. 

I considered it for a boy name but wanted to spell it — Gram. A homage to one of my all-time favorite singer/song writers, Gram Parson's and my paternal grand mother who we all call Grammie. What stopped me was that I consider G to be a clunky and hard to write letter. It just isn't fun to write over and over and over again. And you know, you need that if foresee an active social life in the future of your unborn child. 

Beau immediately responded that NO WAY! You can not name a baby Gram because people might think of DRUGS. Specifically, he said, COCAINE.

This really threw me for a loop. I had never drawn the line mentally to make that association myself. Suddenly, I realized it also voided the use of the adorable nicknames I had concocted, Eightball and Dimebag. Bummer.


Beau said...

I love the name Graham! It doesn't bring to mind all the horrible images that a name like "Stef" does... eek.

ALF said...

Names are so very sensitive. I have a cousin who named his kid Sammy. Not Samuel, just Sammy. You should only do that if you hope your child will NEVER become President. Of anything.

Found your site from dooce's - just stopped by to say hi!

zellmer said...

Is Beau joshing with me, or does he hate me?

I never would have associated Gram with cocaine either. Maybe that means I'm officially old.

Miss Grace said...

I know a woman who has two sons, named Theodore (goes by Teddy) and Graham. I'm not kidding.

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