Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

My morning started with my mother, Lonah, proclaiming:

What are YOU going to GET Hazel for her birthday.

I should not let this get to me. I should know better. Dismiss it and move on. But I am 100% dumbfounded that no matter what we sacrifices we seem to make, no matter how amazing the planned party, no matter how many of the adults don't currently have an incoming income, in the world of Lonah, all that matters is a wrapped gift.

Presents. It's all about presents.

I tried to explain for the 50 thousandth time in my muffled work voice.

Erik had the best answer. As usual. This year for Hazel's 7th birthday, we (her parents) will give her a roof over her head and another year of unconditional love.

Oh and maybe a bike.


zellmer said...

Isn't she having a slumber party? That seems like a gift to me.

And I so wish I could come!

And, I can't believe she's seven. Didn't I just take her to Central Park for a picnic, when she was 9 months old, a few years ago? Seems like it.

Beau said...

Aren't you creative? You better make her something and make it NOW!

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