Thursday, November 8, 2007

Where the money go?

One of the things I loathed about my old job, was the door-to-door commute. It wasn't the actual drive time that I detested, it was the route from the parking garage to my desk. Upon entrance to the garage, I had swipe a pass card lifting an electronic arm allowing access into the multi-level parking structure. Round, round and round I drove - finally reaching the 8th floor where the reserved spots were fewer and open spaces became available. Once parked, I navigated to the center bank of elevators that would take me to the garage's third floor. On the third floor I followed a cross walk through the garage down a ramp through a two sets of glass doors down and escalator, through an adjacent building that houses shopping, hotel, restaurants and an ice skating rink. From there I walked across a sky bridge over several blocks of downtown, through another building twisting between hallways to another descending escalator. Once at ground level, I the went through the building lobby, through more glass doors finally outside I crossed the street pushed my way through a revolving door and took my place with a mass of people waiting for the building elevators. Often this wait took several minutes. Once crammed inside, the elevator would undoubtedly stop on six or seven floors before finally depositing me on the twenty-forth floor. Wearily, I would make my way to my desk. And the price tag for this luxury perk was $60 a paycheck.