Thursday, November 15, 2007

People, I don't make this stuff up

I told you this Hannah Montanna stuff is out of control. Check this out.

The Hannah Montana concert here came with it's own insanity. Erik and I debated how much money we should send Hazel to the concert with? Lonah lobbyied for Hazel to buy Lula a present. (About the only thing that Lonah like more than not eating, is presents. Pretty presents, wrapped in boxes and bows.) I channel surfed through various local news channels. Trying to catch a glimpse of Hazel or Hannah or Hazel and Hannah. It was the lead news story after all. At only one point in the evening did my sweet baby Lula bemoan her unluckiness in the situation saying, "I want to go to the Hannah Montana concert, Mommy." And I answered her with the wishes of almost every girl in the area. "I want to go to the Hannah Montana concert too."

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