Saturday, November 17, 2007


Last night Erik and I pay-per-viewed Knocked Up. And in the scene where the Paul Rudd was describing married life with children as tenser, non-funny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, I was laughing so hard I cried. I cried! Real tears. It was hilarious. And it was true.

I have been in an unfun funk since Thursday. The day I found out that Stef got laid off and that an old friend of mine is now a gay Bear. You try and wrap your head around these two events. All I can do is shake my head, curse and hug my kids.

Stef had her second child less than three weeks ago. She gave BIRTH to a human being around the time I last went to the grocery store. Stef was the one with the staff job in her family. The one with the steady paycheck and the one with the insurance.

I'm not very good at tossing around the standard everything happens for a reason or the you'll find something better. It sucks for her. For them. Even though I am in a similar boat, I don't want her misery for company.

And my other friend. We used to work together. These days, he's still on my Christmas Card list. I've known three husbands to leave their wives and marriages because they came out of the closet. This last one is thus far the first with children. It has been years since we've talked. I've never met his kids. His wife probably wouldn't remember me. But I ache for all they have gone through.

And selfishly, I morn another loss of star player who has switched teams.