Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh so thanksful

Happy Thanksgiving!

Erik has volunteered to guest blog. Fingers crossed. Until then here are the events that have taken place thus far...

We ( the Johnsosn's) had breakfast at IHOP with Bopa (Uncle Bob, my dad) and Grammie LaQuita.

Then we stopped by the grocery store and made our way to Lonah's for:

Smoked turkey.
Hazel's buttermilk smashed potatoes.
Lula's famous fruit salad.
Oyster dressing of yore.
Classic green been casserole.
Heated jar of turkey gravy.
Lonah's various appetizers from Real Simple® magazine.
Can cranberry.

There was tons of food. Almost all four alcohol groups. We haven't even had desert. I hope you had a equally as enjoyable time with your family.