Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hilarious and Heartbreaking.

I am still at work. It is 7:31 pm.
Friday night, I was on a conference call from 9 pm until 12:15 am.
Then I went to the office to make revisions.
I left the office at 4:32 am.
My work, my writing was just referred to as "half-baked".
I am working on the glossy inserts you will receive in the Sunday paper.
The client says these inserts tell a holiday story.
The story features 20+ products to buy.
Erik asked if blogging every day of November was the best use of my time.
This morning, I stepped on my belt and the hook that goes into the belt hole went into my heel.
I already have a sewing needle stuck in there.
I saw it on an x-ray when I broke my ankle. My surgeon said it was common.
That, "You'd be surprised what you find on x-rays." I was.
Coconut's partner, her parakeet significant other, his name is Keith Richards.
Coconut is the only pet we've had die. So far.
We had a desert box turtle, Stripers.
Erik found him on the front porch. He said it was trying to ring the doorbell.
We let it go in the backyard. The girls think he lives under the deck.
Lula calls a maze, like the ones found on children's menus, a 'amaze'.
The girls pronounce almost all of their words correctly now.
I didn't properly document all the sickeningly, adorable things they used to say when they were itty.
This makes tears come to my eyes.
But for Halloween, Hazel went as a "Debil".