Saturday, November 3, 2007

Learning The Alphabet


When we lived in NY, there was a Lucky Brand store around the corner. On Columbus, I think. On the corner of 69th? I like Lucky Brand. They have a sale twice a year. It was the Summer Sale 2003. Thankfully, Lula had fallen asleep in the stroller and I had Hazel sequestered in the dressing room with me. Frantically, I was trying to find the elusive combination of shirt that fit, looked good and seemed worth the price - even at 50% off. As I was trying yet another fitted black T-shirt Hazel stood below me. She was two and a half. Rushing, I ripped off one and was trying to decided which shirt to try on next. Hazel reached up her arms gazing up at me standing in the small dressing room in my bra. With her hands above her head, she reached towards my boobs and exclaimed:

Up, W! Up! Up! W!


It is Saturday night. We watched the end of Akellah and the Bee. Now the girls are busy each creating their own books. This is also known as, Mom how do you spell every word? Lula is working very hard writing and illustrating. Her story begins, Once upon a time. Thoughtfully she asks:

How do you spell 'a'?

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Beau said...

I don't think I fully understand "Up, W!" -- I've been racking my brain...