Monday, November 5, 2007

Dazed and Confused

I've been searching for an excuse all day to do my Parker Posey impersonation and scream:

All right - You little freshman b!tches!

So far Nablopomo is going. It's fun and daunting. I've discovered this and I'm hooked. Which led me to this. Which got me thinking.

I too have been sifting through the Randomizer.

Trish says we are collectively boring. Trish says she wants hilarious and heartbreaking. Today, Stef said I was humble and hopeful. Humble and hopeful. It's there in the comments. (Leave one, by the way. I understand now why they are addictive.)

Hilarious and heartbreaking. Here goes:

We're temporarily one-income.
Erik thinks Austin is the answer.
I think Los Angeles?
Erik thinks he's been put in a bad position.
I think and I think and I think.
Hazel got a 100% on her spelling test.
Lula's family turkey project is overdue.
Our parakeet, Coconut, was found face down at the bottom of her cage.
The girls have not yet noticed .


Beau said...

You can't leave the Big D!! I love Parker Posey in that movie, she's the best.

zellmer said...

You can leave the big D, and I hope Erik is right. Selfishly. RIP Coconut.

Stacy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog... I just have to write in and say that our parakeet died in its cage and no one noticed, either. Those sad little birds! My condolences.

Take care...

Anonymous said...

You said to leave a comment ;)

Found you today , and have no idea
where from, maybe Steph's?

I've been jumping around from
now to then, and then got to the
post that actually was 'Then and

I am sure you feel less pressure
now than then.:) Oh, that
looks so wrong!

Going to go and keep on reading.
I'm lovin' hearing about your
Mother the most at this point.

Of course, I've seen a few pictures
of your beautiful family, however,
I think it's the 'character you
have portrayed so well through
your words' and I know, I know
l00 percent, you are true and
accurate with what you are saying.

Cathi(wow, I previewed this and
it's a small novel, not re-reading
or editing though, and hoping if you find this, you'll enjoy reading it, and not mind that I'm still typing.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that the post I chose to leave you a message on,
I didn't read fully - Honestly,
I just read Then and Now, and
wow, lots has happened in between.

Hard to turn off the thinking, I am sure - and I still do wonder if
it was easier then than now. I'm in 2007 now, and we're in 2008
in 'real life', so, there's still
lots of time for reading to see
if 08 is 'great' :)

I'm hoping so.

My son bought himself a budgie/parakeet with his own money.
He was interested for about a week.
We kept Katiebird for 6 years.
Oh, I was upset when my pretty girl was on the bottom of the cage. Come to think of it - no one else noticed either.

I guess I'm going to have to read 2008 - certainly not boring - I haven't read Trish's/Stef's blogs
so I can't say. We have right now,
so I do hope you have lots of hilarity, I'm definitely hoping you stay far away from heartbreak,
humble cannot be learned without
loss, I believe, hopeful - yes,
that's the ticket. Keep hope
alive. :) always.

Another novel.

Yappy, yappy, me hoping all of you ladies have wonderfilled lives ahead .

Time to bookmark before this comment turns into
'War and Peace'.

With good intentions,


No one ever said it would be easy,
however, I like 'easy'.

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