Thursday, November 29, 2007

California Dreaming

It was during an iChat with my fabulous and openly gay friend Charlie, that I learned that he was a out. And out as a gay bear. No big deal. Immediately, I did what any gal in my shoes would do. I googled that shit. I thought I knew and I did, but now I have wikipedia facts.

I just love Charlie. He's a friend of Stef's. We walked down the aisle together at her first wedding. He lives in California. The motherland. He's going to find us fabulous jobs and a bungalow on the beach. Oh Universe,are you listening? I want to move to California! I want Dogtown, baby. I want grommets.

Back to Charlie, after these years, all the time we've spent together, I still feel it would take a loooooooooooonnnnnng time for him to get on my nerves. Now that's somebody I don't meet every day.

Charlie said it would be really great if we moved to Los Angeles. He said we were down to earth. I wondered if that was how the fabulous say frumpy?

I wonder alot of things. And I am so thankful that I have friends like him to help fill in the gaps

So, tonight I'm surfing around and I run into this:

And I'm even more confused than I was before I started.