Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pretty on the Outside

I called my mom after the gym this morning. She said, "How was your workout?" I replied that I was running. And her response was, "Now don't eat!!!!" Seriously. As long as you are not eating, everything is good in my mother's eyes. She went on about high protein and no carbs and how she needs diet pills and is taking the new OTC kind. I could write for days on the relationship between my mother, myself and food. She is the only person I know who comes home from the grocery store and the fridge is still empty. I think she has an aversion to it. I usually find some product, excuse me, some HIGH PROTEIN product sitting in the pantry with the words Keep Refrigerated clearly written on the label. It is a wonder the girls haven't been food poisoned with the various kid food products that have rotted in her cupboard shelves. Including and not limited to Danimals drinkable yogurt. Doesn't everyone know to refrigerate yogurt?

Once she was flipping through the cable TV stations when a gaggle of models walking the cat walk caught her eye. "Oh, come watch this!", she exclaimed to anyone who would listen. She oooooo'd and ahhhhhhhh'd about how beautiful, how skinny, how wonderful. After a many minutes of the announcer talking about the shows intended topic and the words from the program finally sunk in. It was an expose on the fashion industry and anorexia.