Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Epicenter

I was in an eleven-passenger Super Shuttle® van. With nine of my co-workers. There was one driver. We were on our way to Grapevine Mills Mall. It was not yet noon. Our mission was to observe "beta culture". You know. Teens. Our target audience. The Cads had dreamed up this event as a way to garner some new business from Large Soft Drink Manufacturer™.

Super Shuttles® remind me of New York City. It was the most economical and logistical way to get to the airport.With the added element of surprise. It's a lotto. No. More of a Forrest Gump-ish Box of Chocolates. What'cha gonna get? Who will you pick up? Where ya gonna go? And there is so much to look at driving to and from New York City. So much.

Not so in Dallas. In Dallas, I avoid the highway. On occasion, I venture onto 75. But I hate the highways. And avoid them as best I can. In Dallas there are many, many of these roads and they intersect and overlap. It is dizzying.

So I'm on a Super Shuttle® van and we've been driving for what seems like forever. We're driving past the DFW airport and there is nothing to look at. Four lanes headed North. Four lanes headed South. And no ocean!?!? Or river?!?! The roads in New York are twisty and turny, two lanes in stretches, through tunnels over bridges, with pedestrian near misses, strange smoke coming out of the Earth.

The Cads had informed us that the mall contained an indoor skateboard park. And that we should approach these "beta culture" kids. These buyers of Large Soft Drink Manufacturer™ offer them Large Soft Drink™ or buy their entrance in to the indoor skate park and then talk to them. And you know...get inside their heads. It sounded like a bee line to the top of the National Sex Offenders list to me, but then, perhaps I was being too cynical.

En route, I texted Steffy. My dear friend from college, who also works in advertising. Her response was lightening quick: Quit! Now!

(*You should know, that Cads is take off of a nickname given to a groups of bosses I had. They were called by some The Dads because I assume, they were male and had leadership titles.)