Thursday, October 25, 2007

At Your Service

We don't spank. Clarification. I should say, we don't spank as punishment, in our home. It is shocking to us all when on the rare occasion we witness a parent hitting their child as discipline. Once in a bathroom at The Dixie House. Once at a Birthday Party. Once an elderly woman caned her way over to our table at Luby's and told me Lula needed a A Good Old-fashioned Healthy Spankin'. But I digress and the point mainly is that if you're going to get spanked in our house, it is purely for fun.

So, the other night I hear a fit of giggles coming from Lula's room. I peak through the door to see Lula spanking Hazel. The laughing escalates every time either of them says the word butt. And there is lots of emphasis on the B and the T.

Butt! Haahaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Butt!! Haahahahahhahahahahahahahaha.

And then Lula says:

Hazel, I'm your Butler! Get it, Butt-ler. Your Butt!! Ler! Hahahahahahahahahaha.