Monday, September 17, 2007

Gimme a C - U - T- E !!!

We arrived home from Austin last night late. I carried one sleeping kid in and instructed the other to use the bathroom before going straight to bed. We are just about out of the "accident" phase of parenting and really I can't congratulate myself enough. This example of accident refers to the pee pee variety. In case you are no where near or forgotten all the messy details, you can take a sleeping child and sit them on the potty and nine times out of ten, they will tinkle. Amazing. After checking to make sure all the pets were still alive, I thumbed through the mail and then opened the free supplemental weekend section we get to the paper. The funny thing is, this particular paper is usually delivered on Sunday night, making all the news obsolete. But I still read it, occasionally I find something interesting and they often have a coupon for a free medium popcorn at the Angelika movie theatre. I fantasize about going to the movies again someday, but since I no longer live across the street from the busiest theatre in North America and I have about 22 minutes of unaccounted for time per day, it is mostly an exercise in the scissor skills and cutting on the line. Plus, seeing the coupon carefully cut out and tucked in the pocket like a possibility makes me smile when I am digging through my wallet for the appropriate member card at various retail establishments. I open the weekend section of the paper. Scan through the headlines and my eye catches on a front-page photo. Is that? My kid is front-page news! You didn't know I was raising a french horn aficionado? No the cheerleader on the right. Hopelessly out of sync with the rest of the squad, with her tongue outstretched a little less than her arms. That one is mine! And I'd like to thank whoever told the photographer and incorrectly credited her older sister. Now I don't have to come up with a creative answer to why does Lula get to be in the paper and I don't?


zellmer said...

Yeah, I thought that was Lula. So proud!

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